Kirk Clyatt’s Statement To Charlottesville City Council – February 2, 2015

17 03 2015
Here is all it said in the City Council minutes about my appearance on February 2, 2015;

Mr. Kirk Clyatt, Charlottesville resident, 208 Meade Ave., said he is a son of the south and is proud of his southern heritage, but he says it is time to give up Lee Jackson Day.

Here is a transcription of my words. If you watch the video, you will further see how my words are also an expression of religious free speech.
Clyatt: Good evening mayor and council members, I am 56 years old and it is ironic that the Civil War is the first issue that I have ever spoke to a governmental body about.
Unlike most of the other speakers, I am a member of Charlottesville community.
Mayor: Your name and address please?
Clyatt: Oh excuse me, my name is Kirk Clyatt and I do live in Charlottesville unlike most of the other speakers that have addressed the council on this issue, 208 Meade Avenue.
And I’m a son of the south; I could easily qualify for the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. My Great-Grandfather was born in 1860 and he hid in a chicken coup as General Sherman’s army marched through the south.
I’m proud of my southern heritage however on my way home from work on Martin Luther King Day, I’m fortunate enough even with the high housing costs to be able to live in a very small place here in the city limits. I tweeted out on my Twitter account, “My ancestors were Confederate Soldiers, some died in battle in Virginia, but isn’t it time to give up Lee-Jackson Day? Hash-mark #MLK.”
Now you need to consider the history of the African-American in the North American continent. Slaves came in 1619 before the Pilgrims in 1620. The Emancipation Proclamation was 152 years ago, however, the salves, the African-Americans were slaves for 244 years, so for the majority of African-Americans history in North America they were held in bondage as slaves.
I had a chance back in the early ’90s to interview George Wallace in his later days, there were unveiling, I think, a statue of Lurleen on the grounds of the capitol in Montgomery and I found him to be a reformed elderly man, hard of hearing, anxious to talk about his time working on the bombers in World War Two, throwing chaff out of the airplane.
What struck me at that time was that every one of the caretakers there of George Wallace was an African-American … that was absolutely amazing.
In my lifetime, in 1964, there were 10,000 dues paying members of Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina.
In my lifetime it was a family event to go to a cross burning.
These were great generals that we are taking about here today, they need to be honored, but that honor can be part of Veteran’s Day.
What they did in support the cause of the war was economic domination, not only for money, for the plantation culture of the south which my family was part of, but the domination of one race to be 3/5ths of a human that is what they supported.
No place on earth are the losers of a war more venerated. The North may have won the war, but the South won the propaganda battle.
This holiday is one that does not honor my forefathers, does not honor the patriots that were my relatives that died as Confederate soldiers, this is a holiday that like Columbus Day needs to history and does not need to be part of this community.
Thank you very much.
Here is brief except from my book, Tangled Wires – that gives a little insight as to why making such a statement was important to me;

… When my mother brought me to Washington, DC I was about 4, I became largely a feral child and while living in the city one of my earliest memories was a sound of Africa … the late night roaring of lions at the National Zoo.

While living in South Carolina both of my grandmothers had black maids/nannies, I have very kind memories of Mary, much more so than of my own mother, who took care of me before leaving for Pittsburgh with her own child in search of a better life for her son who was not much older than I was, I hope she found it.

Once in Washington even as a very young child of four and five, I would wander the streets near The Park Crescent Apartments, they are still there, and play on the huge stairway next to the building … huge at least in eyes of a five year old. The crumbling old stairway led down to the basement. It was also where the ‘Fallout Shelter’ was. In the early 60s those yellow and black signs were a ubiquitous part of life. The building’s super would often let me into the shelter, I was amazed with the amount of supplies it held waiting for the bomb, but I never worried about the bomb that never came, maybe I didn’t grasp the concept? For me, it was a place where I listened to his stories, sometimes supers from other nearby buildings would stop by to tell of the journey of their lives. As a young white boy, I loved to listen, to hear about the path of their lives these black men told while we would dive into the supplies and enjoy what seemed an endless supply of tuna and crackers from the fallout shelter stash, at least a tiny part of all those cold war supplies weren’t totally wasted  … maybe its why canned tuna is still one of the staples of my diet?

In the heart of the Civil Rights movement, a 5 year old white boy whose ancestors all fought for the Confederacy to keep the forefathers of these men bound to slavery … and now did they not only look out for me and take care of me, but in DC were really the only family I had.

I have long forgotten their names, but I’ll never forget the warmth and care they gave to a young, lost and lonely child. …

I’m out of town Tuesday, but I will more than happy to address comments on Wednesday … thanks so much for reading my 1,000 words.
– Kirk

NBC29, WVIR Charlottesville – It Is #37!

17 09 2014

Kirk Clyatt – NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News and Weather

My new bio; (click on the link above) will it be the final one on the list?

The old Johnny Cash song, “I’ve Been Everywhere” … was stuck in my head, so I’m trying to remember where I’ve been?

Some were freelance as short as a day, but to the best of my memory here is the list of the Radio/TV stations that I have worked for, the first time I’ve actually tried to do this, keep in mind that MANY of the stations have changed call signs (letters) and it is not exactly in chronological order;

WLMD – Laurel, Maryland
WITH – WDJQ – Baltimore, Maryland
WINX – Rockville, Maryland
WPRW – Manassas, Virginia
WLSC – Loris, South Carolina
WGMB – WINH – Georgetown, South Carolina
WKSC – Kershaw, South Carolina
WTGR – WKZQ – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
WSSC – Sumter, South Carolina
WHHY – Montgomery, Alabama
WQID – WVMI – Biloxi, Mississippi
KDON – Salinas, California
Laser Hot Hits – International Waters – The North Sea
KMST – Monterey, California
WJHG – Panama City, Florida
WFIE – Evansville, Indiana
WALA – Mobile, Alabama
WABB – Mobile, Alabama
WHOA – Montgomery, Alabama
WRBL – Columbus, Georgia
CNN – CNN International – Atlanta, Georgia
WEZB – Panama City, Florida
KPWB – Sacramento, California
KHTK – Sacramento, California
WNDU – South Bend, Indiana
WSJV – Elkhart, Indiana
KTBS – Shreveport, Louisiana
WBFF – WNUV – Baltimore, Maryland
WINK – Fort Myers, Florida
WBRE – Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
WCAU – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WFTX – Fort Myers, Florida
WPHL – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WHSV – Harrisonburg, Virginia
WPMT – York, Pennsylvania
WHP – WLYH – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
WVIR – Charlottesville, Virginia

So if my count is right NBC29 is my 37th station … LOL, I wonder if anybody in broadcasting can top this list? Would anybody actually want to?

This list does not include my stations in Australia … I’ll only list the three I’m now regularly heard on, but there have been many more;

3AW – Melbourne, Victoria
6PR – Perth, Western Australia
4BC – Brisbane, Queensland

I am so grateful … just when I think I’m done, I get brought back for more! 

There is a song by Jana Stanfield that sums up what I ‘try’ to do … The Trick Is To Learn To Enjoy The Ride.

Thank You Harrisburg!

1 08 2014

Good-Bye Harrisburg

Amazingly my beautiful old house on 2nd Street is the longest single place that I have lived in my adult life, now over three and a half years.

Even on tough days it’s great to look at flowers in the yard … the nicest on the block and thanks to my landlords Dan Miller and his husband Carl Bechdel … I never had to do any of the work.

It was not my choice to end my employment at CBS21 and I didn’t have a chance to say good-bye. Under the management that brought me back to TV, I’m sure I’d still have the privilege to be in your television.

I’m indebted to Craig Hume, who is now News Director at KSNV in Las Vegas and to Holly Steuart who is now General Manager of WTVM in Columbus, Georgia … they are both excellent broadcasters and managers … it was a real pleasure to work for them here in Harrisburg and to be able to use them as references.

Unfortunately, for me at least, new ownership came to town in December of 2012, but for me it was history repeating, it was not only the same company, but some of the same people that after four years of loyal service at their flagship station in Baltimore ended my employment.

This time I lasted one year under the new ownership and management of CBS21 … working conditions deteriorated, the station often had me working extreme amounts of overtime, as my contract was drawing to close, I asked for some minor employment modifications, but no … the same company and people that terminated my employment in Baltimore … did it to me again.

How many people get fired from the same company … twice?

Oh, I could do a Kirk Wilson rant here … do you remember him? A great guy and a unique TV presence. I’ll save a longer rant for my book … for the first couple of months after CBS21 I was in recovery mode and I admit, as much as I love being on your television, it was nice not to be standing outside in 10º weather for two minutes of TV time.

Now is the time to move forward …

When I was young and beautiful and even crazier than I am now, it was amazing how quickly job offers would come … this time at 55, with a demo that some TV insiders and agents thought was ineffective, a ‘Bio Demo’,  plus a TV culture now more than ever consumed by youth and beauty … it was a struggle, I was nervous.

I am so happy to say, that I have found a station that reminds me of the way the industry was when I started in broadcasting as a 16 year old kid in 1975!

The first story I ever read live on the air was about the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa … I still don’t think they have found him?

I’ll be working for a company that has three stations in only two markets … unlike the ~150 stations, with more the way, owned by my former employer of five years; four in Baltimore and one in Harrisburg.

The General Manager is the man who built the station and put it on the air in 1973, the News Director has been there for seven years and many members of the newsroom are very well established in the community.

It may be small market, but it is a amazing community, a station that plays big, is dominate in the region and I believe appreciates experience … along of course with youth and beauty!

For over two years I worked in the neighboring market … so I know the region well.

I’ll be handling all of the weekend weathercasts, with additional duties to be assigned, but it will be a base four day work week … yeah!

Harrisburg, I’ll always love you and the beautiful Susquehanna River only a short block away from my home, I’ll miss you very much. I’m so grateful for the time that I have had a chance to spend here and to be a small part of the lives of the viewers of CBS21, but I’m happy to report that my next move won’t be to Bethesda Mission … even though they are a great organization and do wonderful work, my son and I had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with them last year … my next and maybe last TV move, will be to the home of three Presidents, including Thomas Jefferson and the university he founded.

Beginning on August 18th I am honored to say that I’ll be part of WVIR, NBC29 in Charlottesville, Virginia!

And if you miss me here in Central Pennsylvania all newscasts are streamed live at … I hope you’ll join me!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for being a friend.

– From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Yet More? More! Now up to Take Five!

7 07 2014

Yeah, it was only going to be a few changes, now five hours later … I’m up to take FIVE.

For Take Five – Click HERE

Now up to 19’44” seconds, but hopefully better than a lot of the stuff you see on TV … well it all was on TV.

Hopefully a new job soon … before this thing gets any longer.

Your thoughts, comments and opinions are welcome!

BTW: On the rare chance that take FIVE is not enough for you, here are links to MUCH more;

I hold the AMS & NWA seals of approval, won two DC Emmy’s for Weathercasting – nominated for a Mid-Atlantic Weather Emmy in 2013, here’s the link to my entry;

This is the link to my 2013 Emmy nominated Feature Reporting presentation;

Plus a General Assignment Reporting composite;

Hurricanes, Earthquakes & Tsunamis … here are three environmental stories;

Slow News Day? The link for this one give you an idea of the story;

Here is the unedited link to my last three days on CBS21, death by cop, a murder and a weathercast;

One of the last ‘Pirate Radio’ jocks in the North Sea (keep in mind it was recorded 300+ miles away from the ship);

BTW: Recently found out that I am in the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame … I hardly deserve it, but it also has an air check, that I had never heard;

I’ve posted more of my radio work to Sound Cloud:

Australia Overnight –

KDON Demo –

WABB Aircheck –

Explained in this ‘classic clip’ from 2002, the reason I have been on the air in Australia for more than 12 years!

Even an air checks from when I did a few talk shows in Sacramento in ’95 for KHTK, here is a clip from my very first talk show … literally walking in off the street and doing talk radio;

CLICK HERE for the ‘Bio Demo’ … Timeline (resume) is below

1 07 2014

CLICK HERE for the ‘Bio Demo’ … Timeline (resume) is below

Kirk Clyatt

 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

My ‘Bio Demo’ gives you a sample of my journey … so far; Here is the accompanying timeline.


WHP (CBS) & WLYH (CW), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Reporter/Anchor/Meteorologist – December 2010 – December 2013

Nominated for three Emmy Awards in 2013, Best Weathercaster, Best Feature Reporter and part of the team for Best Newscast.

Between Harrisonburg & Harrisburg, I continued with my overseas radio employment, also worked for Fox 43 in York, PA, the US Census and for Apple – Experienced with Final Cut Pro X.

WHSV (ABC), Harrisonburg, Virginia

Daybreak Show Meteorologist – I also provided daily radio reports for the regional cluster of Clear Channel stations. April 2007 – June 2009

WPHL (WB), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Meteorologist/Reporter August 2003 – December 2005

WCAU (NBC), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Meteorologist November 2002 – June 2003

WBRE (NBC), Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania

Meteorologist/Reporter November 2001 – September 2002

WBFF (FOX) & WNUV (WB), Baltimore, Maryland

Morning Co-Anchor – Meteorologist/Reporter November 1997 – October 2001

In June of 1999 I became the first Baltimore Weather Anchor in the 90s to win an Emmy for Excellence in Weathercasting. In June of 2001, I won my second Emmy from the Washington, DC/Capital Region of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

In July of 1999 I was awarded the AMS Television Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society.

Prior to 1997 I held on-air television positions at CNN in Atlanta, Georgia, in Florida, California and Indiana.

I also have been awarded the National Weather Association’s Seal of Approval. (NWA)


3AW, Melbourne, Victoria & 6PR, Perth, Western Australia

USA News Reporter for Breakfast Show March 2002 – Present

KHTK, Sacramento, California Talk Show Host 1995

LASER 576, London, England (Offshore)

Hosted Breakfast Show heard throughout the United Kingdom and Northwest Europe 1986 – 1987

KDON, Salinas/Monterey, California

Program Director/Morning Drive 1983 – 1986
KDON achieved some of the highest ratings in the station’s history

(13.1 12+, Spring 1985 Arbitron)

In additional early career radio experience at stations in Florida, Maryland, Mississippi and South Carolina.


Winner of the 1999 Sports Feature Award from the Maryland Society of Professional Journalists for my Cover Story ‘Blasted!’, the 1998 Outstanding Media Production Award from the United States Ultralight Association for my Cover Story, ‘Light Flight’.

Anchored five Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethons, including 2004 and 2005 in Philadelphia.

I’m an Instrument Rated Aircraft Pilot and I hold an FCC General (1st Class) Radiotelephone License.


Completed the Broadcast Meteorology Program, plus an additional course in Thermodynamic Meteorology at Mississippi State University and hold a Certificate in Broadcast Meteorology.

Gulf Coast Community College, Panama City, Florida
Winston Churchill High School, Potomac, Maryland


Born in Florence, South Carolina 6’4″ – 230 pounds

Blessed with two great kids; Kylee and Zane, to find out more … search ‘Kirk Clyatt’

Thank You!

Kirk Clyatt – ‘Bio Demo’ – Take FOUR

28 06 2014

Kirk Clyatt – ‘Bio Demo’ – Take FOUR

It’s like a personal ‪#‎infomercial‬. Up this late reading ‪#‎Tweets‬ and/or reading Facebook/Word Press posts? This has got to be more interesting  OR click the link above!

Longer! Better? I’m now up to Take FOUR. Now 18’30”, with 244 elements … at least I’m now reasonable competent with Final Cut Pro X … looking for a new ‘thrill ride’ ASAP!

Kirk Clyatt ‘Bio Demo’ – Part One – Take One

16 06 2014

Kirk Clyatt ‘Bio Demo’ – Part One – Take One

The link? – click on the small grey words directly above with the dotted line underneath –

Wow … it is almost overwhelming, going through everything I have saved. It doesn’t look like much, most of the material has been dubbed into two small Drobos – Network Attached Storage, but in those two machines are 20TB of data!

Also I’m getting my skills up to speed with Final Cut Pro X … this ‘bio demo’ is also a teaching tool for me as it will continue to grow and expand, I’ll keep learning more and more about the software.

I was exhausted, really enjoyed some time of from TV, but now and rested and ready to back on the air either TV or back to my roots in radio.

For 12+ years now, I’ve been on the air in Australia with USA News.

There are lots of more ‘traditional demo’ links listed below and in the information section of the ‘bio demo’ listed above.

If you’re interested in me … I’m interested in you and your organization, hope to hear from you soon!

Every time there is an update, I’ll post a here and on Twitter … BTW: Please follow @Clyatt

Your comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged!