You can tell a lot about who I am just by reading my posts … In spite of all the challenges I face I still try to be thankful and to enjoy each day, no matter how stressful and traumatic some may be.

I’m easy to get a hold of;



And in case you are interested here is my resume;

Kirk Clyatt Resume 3 10

My life is pretty much an open book so if you have any question, comment or helpful suggestions I’d love to hear from you … and I am thankful that I almost never have a dull day!

– Kirk


4 responses

26 12 2009

I’m glad I came across your page. I was always curious what happened to you at WHSV because there was never an announcement that you were leaving and I always enjoyed watching you.
I hope you are doing well, and good luck with the new gig in January.


18 01 2010

I also had wondered what happened to you since you left WHSV. You were my favorite weather guy so I finally decided to google you. I will certainly keep you in my prayers for a great job to come your way!

29 07 2011
Sue Steele

Love your humor and will adopt you instead of the pit bull!

29 12 2014

Glad to see you landed on your feet. Eva Roman just got the axe.

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