It’s Our 26th Wedding Anniversary …

15 04 2015

… and if I wasn’t gay, we might still be together!

That story and much more as my life v2.0 continues to evolve in the the newest Kirk Cast. 

Hopefully it’ll be worth five minutes of your life?

The shows are getting better, but keep in mind they are put together with a $200 camera, a five year old computer and a green cloth.

Here is a look at my ‘studio’;

15 4-15 KC Studio

Thanks for taking a look at this post I hope to hear from you … enjoy the day in your life’s journey!

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Tell a friend about … outside of ‘has been pronounced dead, most all other publicity is good news 🙂


At Last The Cans Go Into Recycling! – Watch And You’ll Understand

2 04 2015

Kirk Cast – Episode Two – April 1, 2015 (No Foolin’)

For more information please check the show notes from episode One.

Number three will be online over the weekend!

Thanks for watching and I hope to hear from you …

We’ve only begun 😉