NBC29, WVIR Charlottesville – It Is #37!

17 09 2014

Kirk Clyatt – NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News and Weather

My new bio; (click on the link above) will it be the final one on the list?

The old Johnny Cash song, “I’ve Been Everywhere” … was stuck in my head, so I’m trying to remember where I’ve been?

Some were freelance as short as a day, but to the best of my memory here is the list of the Radio/TV stations that I have worked for, the first time I’ve actually tried to do this, keep in mind that MANY of the stations have changed call signs (letters) and it is not exactly in chronological order;

WLMD – Laurel, Maryland
WITH – WDJQ – Baltimore, Maryland
WINX – Rockville, Maryland
WPRW – Manassas, Virginia
WLSC – Loris, South Carolina
WGMB – WINH – Georgetown, South Carolina
WKSC – Kershaw, South Carolina
WTGR – WKZQ – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
WSSC – Sumter, South Carolina
WHHY – Montgomery, Alabama
WQID – WVMI – Biloxi, Mississippi
KDON – Salinas, California
Laser Hot Hits – International Waters – The North Sea
KMST – Monterey, California
WJHG – Panama City, Florida
WFIE – Evansville, Indiana
WALA – Mobile, Alabama
WABB – Mobile, Alabama
WHOA – Montgomery, Alabama
WRBL – Columbus, Georgia
CNN – CNN International – Atlanta, Georgia
WEZB – Panama City, Florida
KPWB – Sacramento, California
KHTK – Sacramento, California
WNDU – South Bend, Indiana
WSJV – Elkhart, Indiana
KTBS – Shreveport, Louisiana
WBFF – WNUV – Baltimore, Maryland
WINK – Fort Myers, Florida
WBRE – Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
WCAU – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WFTX – Fort Myers, Florida
WPHL – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WHSV – Harrisonburg, Virginia
WPMT – York, Pennsylvania
WHP – WLYH – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
WVIR – Charlottesville, Virginia

So if my count is right NBC29 is my 37th station … LOL, I wonder if anybody in broadcasting can top this list? Would anybody actually want to?

This list does not include my stations in Australia … I’ll only list the three I’m now regularly heard on, but there have been many more;

3AW – Melbourne, Victoria
6PR – Perth, Western Australia
4BC – Brisbane, Queensland

I am so grateful … just when I think I’m done, I get brought back for more! 

There is a song by Jana Stanfield that sums up what I ‘try’ to do … The Trick Is To Learn To Enjoy The Ride.




5 responses

15 03 2015
Sarah Bradley

Why did you leave NBC 29? (No. 37)

16 03 2015
Kirk Clyatt

Hi Sara … actually it was #38, I forgot one, WRNG in Atlanta when I was a kid, there is even an aircheck on my SoundCloud page.

As to WVIR, everything was fine until management deiced to make me the ‘last causality of the Civil War’.

This another story so interesting, strange, that I couldn’t make it up, but why should I expect anything else?

Stay tuned and thanks for noticing, have a good week!

16 03 2015
Sarah Bradley

Well, that’s their loss. I really enjoyed watching you on that channel. I am not a fan of HW like some people in this city. I think it’s time for him to retire. I’ll keep following your journey, because I’m anxious to hear the story about 29.

18 03 2015
Sarah Bradley

Hi Kirk, I just listened to the podcast of the Schilling show. Very sorry about the situation and the threats of you never working again. I’m in my early 60’s and have lived in C’vlle all my life and am struggling to stay here because I am one of the have nots due to health reasons. What happened to you makes me sick to my stomach. I have seen the management at 29 try to destroy a man once before and they did not succeed. You are a survivor and will do just fine. Best of luck to you and you are missed from a regular viewer of 29 who is currently reconsidering if I want to remain a viewer of 29.

PS You don’t look gay!
(It’s a joke, a joke, please take it that way.)

18 03 2015
Kirk Clyatt


For way too long didn’t have the courage to be true to myself, so I pretended to be someone who I wasn’t.

One of my hopes from all of this is that it will inspire others to be courageous and face their own personal challenges.

It gives me hope for America and it really shows how far that we have come that being gay is only a secondary player to main issue of the unlawful restriction of the basic rights of citizenship by an employer, but I won’t discount that it may have been a factor.

Maybe seeing that the sky didn’t fall, others in the media will come out … even at my age and after all I’ve been through it was not easy. There are only two men who are out in VA, one in Richmond and one in Norfolk and I don’t think there are any women.

I don’t know how I’ll feel in a month, but right now my choices have been liberating … I have no idea where the road will lead, but I am happy to explore.

As I told the management of the station; Sometime you choose your own path, other times it is chosen for you.

There is so much that Americas don’t agree on, but maybe the issue of forced personal censorship by an employer is one issue that can bring together both the left and the right.

I’m in this for the long haul and Sarah I’m so appreciative for your support.

Also have two new web sites that I have registered because of this;




They’ll both most likely be the same thing, I hope to have them on-line ASAP.

Thanks again and I look forward to continuing our dialog.

– Kirk

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