Kirk Clyatt ‘Bio Demo’ – Part One – Take One

16 06 2014

Kirk Clyatt ‘Bio Demo’ – Part One – Take One

The link? – click on the small grey words directly above with the dotted line underneath –

Wow … it is almost overwhelming, going through everything I have saved. It doesn’t look like much, most of the material has been dubbed into two small Drobos – Network Attached Storage, but in those two machines are 20TB of data!

Also I’m getting my skills up to speed with Final Cut Pro X … this ‘bio demo’ is also a teaching tool for me as it will continue to grow and expand, I’ll keep learning more and more about the software.

I was exhausted, really enjoyed some time of from TV, but now and rested and ready to back on the air either TV or back to my roots in radio.

For 12+ years now, I’ve been on the air in Australia with USA News.

There are lots of more ‘traditional demo’ links listed below and in the information section of the ‘bio demo’ listed above.

If you’re interested in me … I’m interested in you and your organization, hope to hear from you soon!

Every time there is an update, I’ll post a here and on Twitter … BTW: Please follow @Clyatt

Your comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged!




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