It Has Been Great To Take A Break …

12 04 2014

With the weather at last warming up looking forward to going back to full-time work.

Very much enjoyed my three years at WHP in Harrisburg, but when the management team changed with the takeover by Sinclair Broadcast Group it was not the same environment and we were not able to work out a new contract.

This was a mixed blessing as I was starting to get overwhelmed with all of my Australia radio work and the many overtime hours at WHP … not standing outside this winter ‘freezing’ was certainly not a bad thing.

Radio is my where I started in media when I was 16 year old and would love to go back. Below you’ll find a host of demos, I can deliver anything that is asked of me, hopefully a unified demo on the way for you soon.

In our region was nominated for an Emmy in 2013 for Best Weathercaster, Best Feature Reporter and part of the team for Best Newscast.

– The links to the video/audio are all directly below the headline of each post below! –

IMPORTANT: If you arrived at this page from or one of my associated websites there is a problem accessing the links, so please cut and paste  into your browser or open the link in a new tab and everything should work fine, I’m am so sorry for this inconvenience and will have this issue corrected ASAP!

Would love to hear from you;

Thanks for taking a look a my page!

Oh, I almost hate to let you know it is still there, but over 100 of my stories, some that should never see a demo, are still up on the Clip Syndicate servers this gives you a good idea of my day to day work flow over a couple of years.




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