Stories On Line …

28 02 2011

Since there is some work from the ‘other station’  I briefly worked for in the area here on the blog, I thought at least I should post how you can take a look at my new work;  (Click the link below)

Kirk – Recent Stories – CBS21, Harrisburg, PA

As I enter this post, the two most recent stories are Kids Boxing and Horse Manure …  it can be just about anything, so at work … there is never a dull day!

(Of course it is ‘Flash’ so it won’t work on your iPhone … what is the matter with Apple?)

It’s weather on the weekend … got to get back to it, a sure sing of spring at last, good chance of some thunderstorms to end February!

Have a good week!

BTW: ‘Tiny’ … is now at 249,025 and still going strong, thank God, I’ll post a picture when he rolls over the quarter of a MILLION mark … that is right about 10 laps of our planet!




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