Stories On Line …

28 02 2011

Since there is some work from the ‘other station’  I briefly worked for in the area here on the blog, I thought at least I should post how you can take a look at my new work;  (Click the link below)

Kirk – Recent Stories – CBS21, Harrisburg, PA

As I enter this post, the two most recent stories are Kids Boxing and Horse Manure …  it can be just about anything, so at work … there is never a dull day!

(Of course it is ‘Flash’ so it won’t work on your iPhone … what is the matter with Apple?)

It’s weather on the weekend … got to get back to it, a sure sing of spring at last, good chance of some thunderstorms to end February!

Have a good week!

BTW: ‘Tiny’ … is now at 249,025 and still going strong, thank God, I’ll post a picture when he rolls over the quarter of a MILLION mark … that is right about 10 laps of our planet!


Woken By The Wind And A Memory …

19 02 2011

Lately I don’t go to sleep, I collapse … wake up with the light still on and a book on my chest.

I’m not an Atheist, I am an Agnostic, however I do believe in karma, the power of the community (group) to do both good and bad, miracles and that our planet, our Mother Nature is very much alive and as a person her moods change … almost in a literal way with the wind.

The better we treat her … the better she will treat us.

Another Miracle? … I don’t know if I deserve one, but I want one.

I am so blessed by the miracle that I have returned to TV … early in my career never would I have guessed that the place I would be so ‘wanted’ would be Pennsylvania. I’m now on my 5th station in PA. I have come to slowly love the state, the hundreds of cities, townships and boroughs and of course our viewers.

Second only to Florida, Pennsylvania has the oldest average age in the USA so I still have a chance … at least for a few more years. (I am no longer young and beautiful enough for places like Miami) Some of my photogs are young enough to be my kids … they teach me ‘new tech’ and I teach them ‘old school’.

Friday, at last warm enough for my fingers to actually feel the microphone, having the lights on and the sat truck sending the shot to Galaxy 16 from historic Chambersburg, PA; I took a second to feel blessed. That somehow out of oblivion, at one point even being homeless and living in my car, the karma of life (God?) had brought me back.

You don’t know how good something can feel until you know it is gone forever and then, almost like magic, it is back.

I have been a victim, but I have also been a victim of my own, OK I’ll say it … stupidity.

This morning as I awoke with the light still on, the winter sun streaming through the blinds and the February wind howling … the jet is interacting with the surface wind and today we are getting just a tiny taste of how strong the jet stream can be!

The dream was so vivid and real and then … just a dream.

Her name is Andra … and she transcended life, she was magic in motion, as close to Mother Earth as any person I have ever known and yet as aggressive, tough and fragile as the tigers she loves and cared for with such passion. (For more, wait for my book, ‘Tangled Wires’ … hopefully it’ll be done while I am still of this earth?)

More than ten years ago due to my own ego, pride and yes, stupidity, I let her slip away. The fault was mine, yet somehow in the wind this morning I could almost feel her presence … only a dream of the wind.

I knew TV was gone forever … I know that Andra is gone forever.

… New Station Bio?

13 02 2011

An interesting ‘mind game’ (ego) project; had to write a new bio for work. How close will this be to what shows up on the station site? OK so here is the last 30 years of my professional life, at least the highlights, in just a few paragraphs;

Reporter/Meteorologist Kirk Clyatt came back to broadcasting and to CBS21 in December 2010 after working for Apple, Inc.

“It was quite an education to become intimately familiar with Apple’s amazing products, but it is great to be back home in broadcasting and in Pennsylvania.”

Kirk holds the seal of approval from both the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the National Weather Association (NWA).

Kirk may be new to CBS21, but not to Pennsylvania as he was seen in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area on WBRE and for three years in Philadelphia on WCAU and WPHL.

While working in Baltimore for WBFF/WNUV Kirk was awarded two Emmys for “Outstanding Weathercast” in the National Capitol Region.

Kirk also anchored weather for CNN and CNN International.

As an instrument rated aircraft pilot and the former owner of a Cessna 172, Kirk learned the true power and fury that Mother Nature can unleash after he flew thru a thunderstorm over Iuka, Mississippi .

Kirk started his broadcasting career in radio and even worked on a ‘Pirate Radio Ship’ in Europe’s North Sea. Kirk is still heard on radio in Australia, he is into his 10th year as the back-up USA News Presenter for 3AW in Melbourne, Victoria and now also heard weekday mornings with USA News on 6PR in Perth, Western Australia.

There is not much that Kirk won’t do; from diving on the Great Barrier Reef, to running marathons, to trying to pretend he was a professional athlete. Scrimmaging with the Baltimore Blast soccer team put Kirk in the hospital, but at least the story won an award for the Maryland Sports Feature of the year.

Kirk was born in South Carolina, but grew up in nearby Maryland and is the proud father of two children Kylee and Zane, Kylee is a student at Harvard.