An Adventure Already In 2011 …

31 01 2011

Sorry for again the long delay in posts, but so much has been going on I can barely catch my breath.

That is the joy of life … one day it just turns!

Without going after it and thinking my TV career was history … I’m Back!

Yup and in Pennsylvania … seems to be the only state that wants me, as this is my 5th station in the state … far above any other!

I feel blessed to be here … (Hey what happened to the rest of the state? Most of my market is in the lower right corner)

mmm … you can you see the whole state on the mobile site, but not on a ‘normal’ browser? Wish that were one of my bigger problems in life!

As much as I love Apple, I really had some amazing co-workers … did get a great iMac out of the deal … nothing like being out in the ‘real’ world for over a year to make me appreciate being back inside the TV!

I also did some work for the Census … oh working in Appalachia the stories I could tell, but as part of job I promised not too … let me put it this way, some hollows I went into were much more intimidating to me than North Philly or North Ave. in Baltimore.

Have a great new apartment, just down the street from the governor’s mansion … but he does have a much nicer house!

I may never get fully moved in though as now for 2nd time because of storms I’ve had to cancel getting my ‘stuff’ out of storage in VA!

Remind me never to try to move in the winter again!

At the same time more part-time work in Australia has returned; in addition to my long-time role as the relief USA News anchor for 3AW in Melbourne … in March I’ll be beginning my 10th year with the Ross & John Breakfast Program, but I’m also now back as the primary USA news anchor for 6PR in Perth.

This time of the year you can hear my reports on-line Sunday-Thursday at about 4:50 PM USA EST, which is 5:50AM the next day in Perth!

BTW: Tiny keeps rolling on … he’ll hit 250,000 any day now!

I sorry to report that ‘Raddison’ has gone to rodent heaven, but he was a great pet, lived about two years … I’m surprised how upset I was to see him after he had gone to the afterlife. He was most of the fun of a VERY small dog without being as hyper and none of the barking!

More soon, but of course ‘soon’ is open to interpretation … gotta get ready for our next winter blast!

Hope to hear from you … stay warm & be good! Just 48 days until spring!