I Agree …

17 08 2010

Sincere wishes that all turns out the way you want it to.

Glad Tiny is returning from the moon too!

Thanks for the ad…would love to see more Tangled Wire excerpts….you seem to radiate a comical sadness with a tad of desperation, and all with perfect hair! 😉

I find it….. captivating.

Above is a note I received from a reader via Facebook … well I am not so sure about the hair, but at least I still have mine.

I do have a new job, which is exhausting, but educational in many ways and have moved back to Maryland … however with my ongoing legal odyssey to protect my son, I am now part of the ‘working poor’ … a position that I never would have guessed I would be in ten years ago … all part of the adverture of life.

Honestly have not had much time to work on the book with all of my other obligations, but I will post an excerpt within the next week.

Thanks for checking back and sorry for the long delay between posts … there are some new pictures on Flickr … just click on one of the picture on the right to take you there!

BTW: ‘Tiny’ is now up to 242,000 and still rolling!




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