… A New Recipe?

4 03 2010

OK I know I said my last demo was the last one, but I try never to say never, plus I am never (oh no, I just said ‘never’ again) satisfied with my work … I am not satisfied with this, but there is only so much you can do, especially when you’re doing your editing on home computer … keep that in mind when you’re watching.

This one does include about ten minutes of updated material from January – mainly in parts four and five.

Why is it so long?

Because I offer much more than just a weather forecast, plus the way I see it; if you’re going to hire someone, you’re going to want a comprehensive look at what they can do for you … that is what this is.

Short term relationships are OK too!

That is one of the good things about weather … I can walk into almost any station anywhere and with minimal training I am ready to go!

After all when I worked for CNN International I did forecasts for Asia and Africa, so anywhere in North America is not a problem.

If you have an immediate need … lets help each other!

Of course I am looking for a LTR, but right now I’m also available almost immediately for ‘temp’ positions … so if you just need someone for a few weeks or a couple of months, I’m just an e-mail away!  Kirk@KirkClyatt.com

OK here we go … and somehow, my demo has gotten even a little longer, it is now 65 minutes, so since You Tube only gives you ten minute blocks of time … ahhh its in seven parts.

Now if you would like a MUCH more viewer friendly DVD, it is just and e-mail away!

Now if you’ve enjoyed part one and may be interested please check out my resume.

Kirk Clyatt Resume 3 10

Above Part Two …
… Below Part Three

This … you guessed it … is Part Four

Amazing the way it works … above is Part Five
Below is Part Six

And at last here is the seventh … and final part!

Thank you so much for taking a look … I’d love to know what you think!

Please think some good thoughts for me that with spring just about upon us … maybe the job market will at last start to thaw!?




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