My Last TV Day … At Least For Now …

11 02 2010

I can truthfully say I did the best job I could … and actually thought by this point, my 10th and final day on the job it was looking OK; considering I was learning an updated system and was only two weeks in … Oh well management was looking for something else. It is their ball and I have to respect their decision.

Of course I remain open to the possibility of a return?

I was grateful for the opportunity and to Fox 43 for sending me the aircheck … at least some updated material, but I am kind of sorry to have missed out on being on the air for the last two … dare I say ‘blizzards’?

Does ‘global warming’ bring more snow to some areas … mmm it could happen? But really enough is enough!

I just have to keep the faith … know that spring will be here soon and hope for something good around the next corner!

Thanks for watching and of course your comments and suggestion are always welcome ….

Oh BTW: I do also continue to hold the AMS seal along with the NWA seal, but they only had the ‘super’ available at the station for the NWA seal, but yes I still do have both and hopefully within the next couple of months … certainly this year will be upgrading to the CBM.

Kirk Clyatt Resume 3 10

Since it has now drifted so far down in the blog … above is the link to my resume.


Well Somebody Has Been Watching …

11 02 2010

Just checked the stats on YouTube and part one of my old ‘Weather In The Classroom’ video from WPHL in Philadelphia now has well over 3,000 views!

Here it is if you would like to take a look;

Of course just browse through the blog and you can find more video than you would ever want to see including my current full presentation which is in six parts, since you can only have a max of ten minutes at a time on YouTube.

Since I was able to have the ‘temp’ work at Fox 43 last month … I’ve now got to rework the demo to get in some new material.

No matter what you are looking at, thanks for stopping by … drop by again anytime!

I Had To Change My References …

3 02 2010

Another shock … a man who was a good friend to me, so much so I had him listed as one of my references, Art Szcykalski, has died at the age of 66.

Here is a picture of us together from the last day of WPHL’s in-house news operation on December 9, 2005. Art was an amazing man … he worked over FORTY YEARS for WPHL!

This is a little of what I wrote about Art;

I was the last weatherman of WPHL’s in-house newscast, since the Weather Center was in the studio Art and I spent a lot of time together the last two years of the WB.

All I can do is echo the comments that have come before mine. Whether it was stories about Carole working at the school, his last trip to AC or some of the ‘old days’ at 17, there was always a new one and they were always great.

Art was sympathetic and encouraging to me with the issues that I faced and I thought of him as, not just as a co-worker, but as a friend.

My son Zane and were just looking at some pictures of the three of us on the last day of WB17 news in December of ’05.

Not only a real pro, but one of the kindest and most ‘real’ people I have ever met.

It was a privilege to work with him and I express my deepest sympathies to his family.