The Only Day I Have …

24 01 2010

Hopefully I’ll also be getting some airchecks from the last day of my oh too short two week career at Fox 43 … when I had better hair … but for now this is the only day I have, Elvis’s 75th birthday!

OMG on this video, at the wall, if you look carefully, you can even see a ‘cowlick’ … well that is what happens when you get up 1:30am to do TV. I got a haircut that afternoon, but it doesn’t do much good for this video.

Maybe my last webcast will still be up too … but don’t count on it;

Link to Last Web Weather Update From Friday the 15th – WPMT

At least this is some updated material to show I can still do a weathercast and (at least I still have my hair) PLEASE keep in mind that these are the last two hits from a four hour show and it was only my fifth day on the job.

I can fully understand the station’s reasons for not picking me up as the permanent anchor, but oh so close and now back to dealing with what to do about my ‘under-employment’ … it is a little frustrating.

Just have to hope that there is something good around the next corner … honestly I would be very interested in going back to my roots and radio. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

At least now I should have some time to study enough to make sure that I pass my CBM test … always nice to have have more letters after your name.

As always thanks for checking in … have a good week!




One response

27 01 2010
Tim Fitzgerald

Excellent! I was so impressed with this! You should not have been replaced! Their loss!

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