An Amazing Pattern …

6 01 2010

All of the dynamics of a changing global climate pattern are far above my pay grade, but after 20 years on TV I have learned a few things and I have got to wonder just what is going on?

Not for a second do I discount the sincerity and the research that has been done into global warming and climate change, BUT this winter … as I sit about two feet away from a huge old style radiator … is just amazing. Some of the upper patterns are similar to the winter of ’78 … of course back in the ’70s some thought we were going back into an ‘ice age’ and I do remember as a kid many times ice skating on the  C & O canal in Maryland.

So is it just a one season anomaly or are there other patterns at work?

One thing is for sure soon there won’t be as much ‘lake effect’ snow … some of it even making it to South Central Pennsylvania this morning, because the Great Lakes are soon to freeze over.

In one way I am very grateful for this weather … it didn’t give me too tough a first forecast week at my new job since it is always a challenge to learn a new system and new formats especially for a four hour show … its getting a little better each day.

OMG … still getting back on the early AM hours, can’t belive its almost time to go to bed again!

Stay warm … BTW: there still are some warm spots … the high Friday in Melbourne, Australia about 92 … oh and I’ll be on all next week on 3AW (Sunday – Thursday at 2:50pm USA EST) on the Ross & John Breakfast Show!




One response

7 01 2010
Vicki and the gang at CCCA

Hi Kirk! We are all watching the weather for a delay tomorrow and everyone asks me how you are doing.
We missed you for a presentation too.
We send out a friendly shout!
Take care, Best,

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