… Good News Starts 2010!

1 01 2010

I never would have guested just how tough the last ten years have been, BUT they have largely changed my perspective on life … maybe, at least up to a point, it is true; what doesn’t kill you, does make you stronger!

If I had the mental toughness that I do now ten years ago, I would be in a much better position today … I have to look at it all as part of the journey that is life.

When I did my first actual on-air TV weathercasts at KMST (Now KOIN) in Monterey- Salinas, CA … all we used for graphics was the network feed. On a Wednesday I auditioned on Saturday I was a TV weatherman.

Had the equipment been as complex as it is today, I don’t know if I ever would have gotten into TV weather.

Leaning the equipment at my new station has been quite a challenge, what it can do and the information that it can convey, both on the air and on the web is just remarkable, plus there are more updates just around the corner … the computer system actually makes me much more anxious than being on the air which for me is really a breeze  … as long as I have all of the SIX computers working more or less correctly!

My new job starts on Monday, January 4th … OK I admit, I’m a little nervous about it, since to start it is a ‘temp’ position, but I hope I’ll be able to convince the powers that be to convert to permanent.

I’ll be on  http://www.fox43.com in the Harrisburg, PA market … 5am – 9am … should even be enough TV for me!

The show is of course streamed on-line so please log on … as always, your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

I’d like to also say a thank you to so many who watched me in the Shenandoah Valley … I have been touched by your kindness in so many ways and now if you don’t mind watching on your computer you can see me again … I wonder if I’ll slip at all and say Harrisonburg instead of Harrisburg?

OK here it is 2010 … new decade, new start, lets hope it is a good one for us all!




One response

4 01 2010

Glad to see you back in PA!! Used to watch you all the time in Philly, and was saddened to see you go. Definately a new year and new beginning for me too.

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