The Only Day I Have …

24 01 2010

Hopefully I’ll also be getting some airchecks from the last day of my oh too short two week career at Fox 43 … when I had better hair … but for now this is the only day I have, Elvis’s 75th birthday!

OMG on this video, at the wall, if you look carefully, you can even see a ‘cowlick’ … well that is what happens when you get up 1:30am to do TV. I got a haircut that afternoon, but it doesn’t do much good for this video.

Maybe my last webcast will still be up too … but don’t count on it;

Link to Last Web Weather Update From Friday the 15th – WPMT

At least this is some updated material to show I can still do a weathercast and (at least I still have my hair) PLEASE keep in mind that these are the last two hits from a four hour show and it was only my fifth day on the job.

I can fully understand the station’s reasons for not picking me up as the permanent anchor, but oh so close and now back to dealing with what to do about my ‘under-employment’ … it is a little frustrating.

Just have to hope that there is something good around the next corner … honestly I would be very interested in going back to my roots and radio. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

At least now I should have some time to study enough to make sure that I pass my CBM test … always nice to have have more letters after your name.

As always thanks for checking in … have a good week!


My Last Weather Webcast …

19 01 2010

at least for Fox 43…. wow what a short career there?

LOL … oh well at least I got back up to speed on the new Weather Central equipment. Just click the link below to see it … it should be around at least for a couple of more days.

Link to Last Web Weather Update From Friday the 15th – WPMT

Just glad I hadn’t given up my house! Oh no though more driving and dancing with the trucks on I-81!

Hopefully I’ll have a few more of my shows from Fox 43 online next week!

Have a good week!

Hear It From Me First …

15 01 2010

I am somewhat shocked, however, it is not for me to speculate why, but Fox 43 has decided to not pick me up as their permanent AM show weather anchor.

Needless to say I am very disappointed, but I am grateful to for having the opportunity to get, at least briefly, back on the air and up to speed on some amazing new weather technology.

There was no commitment made to me by Fox 43 for the job to be permanent, so all I can do is thank then for the 40 hours on the air … and now try to decide where to go from here.

Wish me luck … as always your suggestions are welcome … have a good weekend!

Yet More Thanks …

8 01 2010

I found two more sites that have mentioned my new job; (It is a subscription site and I don’t subscribe … so I hope it was something nice)


Good to still be remembered in Baltimore!

Next week should be quite an adventure as new weather computers come on-line, along with a new 11pm show; that will make SIX HOURS of local news every weekday for Fox 43 … thankfully some calm weather to get the new system going , but COLD.

I’ve been through many upgrades; the product is always an improvement, but you have to go through some ‘labor pains’ to get there.

I  can only imgine what these new machines can do.

Almost time to pick up Zane from school … so I will wish you a good and ‘Warm’ weekend.

Oh … Go Eagles!

An Amazing Pattern …

6 01 2010

All of the dynamics of a changing global climate pattern are far above my pay grade, but after 20 years on TV I have learned a few things and I have got to wonder just what is going on?

Not for a second do I discount the sincerity and the research that has been done into global warming and climate change, BUT this winter … as I sit about two feet away from a huge old style radiator … is just amazing. Some of the upper patterns are similar to the winter of ’78 … of course back in the ’70s some thought we were going back into an ‘ice age’ and I do remember as a kid many times ice skating on the  C & O canal in Maryland.

So is it just a one season anomaly or are there other patterns at work?

One thing is for sure soon there won’t be as much ‘lake effect’ snow … some of it even making it to South Central Pennsylvania this morning, because the Great Lakes are soon to freeze over.

In one way I am very grateful for this weather … it didn’t give me too tough a first forecast week at my new job since it is always a challenge to learn a new system and new formats especially for a four hour show … its getting a little better each day.

OMG … still getting back on the early AM hours, can’t belive its almost time to go to bed again!

Stay warm … BTW: there still are some warm spots … the high Friday in Melbourne, Australia about 92 … oh and I’ll be on all next week on 3AW (Sunday – Thursday at 2:50pm USA EST) on the Ross & John Breakfast Show!

A Little Rough Around The Edges, BUT …

5 01 2010

So far so good getting back into the swing of morning TV at Fox 43!

My thanks for all of the well wishes and the mentions of the new job from;

Well it is almost dark … so that means bedtime. See you in the very early AM … remember the show is streamed live 5-9am EST on

… Good News Starts 2010!

1 01 2010

I never would have guested just how tough the last ten years have been, BUT they have largely changed my perspective on life … maybe, at least up to a point, it is true; what doesn’t kill you, does make you stronger!

If I had the mental toughness that I do now ten years ago, I would be in a much better position today … I have to look at it all as part of the journey that is life.

When I did my first actual on-air TV weathercasts at KMST (Now KOIN) in Monterey- Salinas, CA … all we used for graphics was the network feed. On a Wednesday I auditioned on Saturday I was a TV weatherman.

Had the equipment been as complex as it is today, I don’t know if I ever would have gotten into TV weather.

Leaning the equipment at my new station has been quite a challenge, what it can do and the information that it can convey, both on the air and on the web is just remarkable, plus there are more updates just around the corner … the computer system actually makes me much more anxious than being on the air which for me is really a breeze  … as long as I have all of the SIX computers working more or less correctly!

My new job starts on Monday, January 4th … OK I admit, I’m a little nervous about it, since to start it is a ‘temp’ position, but I hope I’ll be able to convince the powers that be to convert to permanent.

I’ll be on in the Harrisburg, PA market … 5am – 9am … should even be enough TV for me!

The show is of course streamed on-line so please log on … as always, your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

I’d like to also say a thank you to so many who watched me in the Shenandoah Valley … I have been touched by your kindness in so many ways and now if you don’t mind watching on your computer you can see me again … I wonder if I’ll slip at all and say Harrisonburg instead of Harrisburg?

OK here it is 2010 … new decade, new start, lets hope it is a good one for us all!