Kylee, Zane and Kirk Clyatt … With The Holiday Spirit!

18 12 2009

I have so much to do I can believe that I did one of these, but it was fun!

Hope you and yours have a GREAT Holiday Season and wish me luck with the new job starting on January 4th!

Now I’ve got to get back to work!


Soon I’ve Got To Get Up Early Again …

17 12 2009

The question is will it be permanent … do I still have it? Oh and what is ‘it’ anyway!

Could it be the ‘Christmas Miracle’ I was hoping for?

Starting Monday, January 4th I am happy and relieved to announce that I will be back on TV again … however at first on a ‘trial basis’, hey its a buyers market for TV talent, but I am confident I can deliver.

I am still nervous about releasing all of the details, but I will say this; it is an area I’ve worked in before and that all shows are streamed on the Internet … and the stream looks pretty good too!

Sunday night the 3rd, I’ll post the name of the station and the URL so if you’ve missed me on TV, and my ego hopes you have, you’ll be able to again have me in your house beginning on the 4th and I get to talk even more than at WHSV because the show is even longer!

Thank you so much for all you have done for me and keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I try to turn this temporary job into a permanent position!

Have a GREAT Holiday Season … and for my friends that hate ‘PC’, OK … Merry Christmas!