What The REAL ‘Pirate Radio’ Was Like …

14 11 2009

This is something I know about as I was one of the last ‘Pirate’ DJs in the North Sea …

This weekend in the USA the movie ‘Pirate Radio’ is opening … now if you want to know the way it really was, at least near the end …

Here is a link to a somewhat edited, but completely honest story about how it was to be one of the last ‘Breakfast Hosts’ for Laser Hot Hits!

Part of My Journal & The View From The Bridge

Below is a link to what part of the Breakfast Show from December 8th and 9th 1986 sounded like on Laser. The technical quality of the aircheck is only fair to poor since it was recorded in Scotland, by a member of the pirate radio fan club know as the ‘Anoraks’,  the ship was several hundred miles away in the North Sea off the SE coast of England.

The video portion are some pictures I took on the ship. The one of the Bellatrix is the tender that came all too infrequently from Holland because it was legal for a British boat to supply the ship, another picture shows the North Sea the way it looked much of the time

The ship had on board twin 25kw transmitters, but the five wire horizontal antenna array then on the ship could only accommodate the use of one of the transmitters at a time.

I haven’t seen the movie yet … hope to soon. I’m sure it makes it look a lot more fun than it really was!


… Big PHAT Morning Show – WERQ

2 11 2009

OK several reasons for this latest post and YouTube upload … I keep finding all kinds of stuff I had long forgotten about in my huge digital conversion project … I have applied to some radio jobs, so I though I should have some more recent ‘radio’ work than KDON, as here I am on TV and the radio at the same time … WERQ one of Baltimore’s top stations.

AND I wanted to prove that when I am on the air, I am not always the only one who talks.

Hang on at the end is an interesting encounter with Count Gore DeVal … unfortunately the tape ran out before my interview with the ‘Count’.

BTW: I have no idea what has happened to my co-anchor, Harold Fisher. If you do, let me know and say ‘Hi’ to him for  me!

… More ‘Classic Rock’ From The 80s!

2 11 2009

Since the KDON TV spots got such a good reception (several posts below, you can’t miss the 80s hair) … I thought I’d also give you a little taste of what I sounded like back then.

That was a job I don’t know if I ever would have left, but the station was sold and after three years that was it for me … now the station is one link in the massive Clear Channel chain.

One of the bad things about life is that sometime you don’t really realize how good you have it … until you don’t.

If you’d like to hear more, including a vintage, but still good, production sample … back in the days when we made the cuts with splicing blocks and razor blades! Just e-mail me  kirk@kirkclyatt.com for a CD.

As always your comments, suggestion and job offers are MORE than welcome … I am not just looking for TV, getting back into radio would be great too!

Have a good week!