… English Dub Of A Japanese Movie?

31 10 2009

It wasn’t quite that bad, BUT while the YouTube videos looked OK … the long WMV file that I created for the DVD dubs of my demo had a few places where somehow my mouth and the and the audio where a frame or two off … sooo I was a bit disturbed this, but I was able to convert to an AVI file and able to transfer to DVD without a problem … it just took way too much time and in reviewing this project of course I came across some areas I just was not happy with,  in one case had only one channel of audio so I had to split it up and re-upload EVERYTHING again …

For some reason now when I dubbed back from AVI to WMV … I got out of sync AGAIN so I tried MPG and while I seemed to be in sync the audio seemed a little muffled, oh well with a $40 program and a home computer there is only so much I can expect … although when it comes to the areas that I can control in life I like to be as much of a perfectionist as can reasonable be expected!

What you see below, in the next post, IS the correct new version … OMG I hope I don’t have to make another demo for very long time, maybe if the Gods bless me this will be the LAST one!

Then somehow in all that I’ve been doing the audio decided not to work in my mass analog to digital conversion project that I have been working on for months … I’m even saving “Little Mermaid” cartoons from when Kylee was about three … how can it be that she is all grown up? (well almost)

I made a big ‘birth box’ for her when she was born with all the events that were happening  that date; kind of like a time capsule, lots of newspapers, magazines and more … to be opened when she turned 21 in 2010 … and at that time to think it seemed sooo far away.

Anyway … after deleting a host of programs that could somehow have conflicting drivers I got the audio to work again, I am home stretch of this project, I can not wait to get it done and never see any more VHS tapes. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to clean the heads playing 20+ year old tapes that are just shedding oxide. Of course I had to do the same thing when I did my major cassette conversion a few years ago. One thing that is amazing is that I have only had a couple of tapes that have spun off their reels or for some other reason I wasn’t able to save … at last I maybe down to less than a hundred to go!

But … this issue also took hours to get resolved.

I remain grateful for my limited employment on Australia radio, www.3aw.com.au, but what I need to get for Christmas is an acceptable full-time position …

If you get a chance let me know what you think of my demo … it is what I have to sell, I hope someone buys it and soon … now I better go out and get something for the tick-or-treaters … Have a Happy Halloween!




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