It Is Done … The Final Demo?

28 10 2009

What may be my last presentation is at last ready … I still want to call it a ‘tape’, but of course they are not anymore!

I handled mainly studio work at WHSV, so there is not nearly as much new material as I would have liked … every day was pretty much like the next at WHSV, but I have started the demo with a quick weathercast from a cold winter’s morning.

Thankfully I am holding up pretty well, so my look is not that much different than what you see on some of my older work … OK maybe a little older look than when I was on CNN, but you have to go a long way into the tape (ahh it is not a tape) to find that short clip.

As the presentation is just under an hour long, 59 minutes and 3 seconds to be exact … it is so long because there is so much more that I offer than just a weather forecast … it has to be in six parts to be on YouTube … remember if you would like a full DVD just e-mail me for a copy

I’ve reworked many parts of the demo, so I am uploading it all again. I’m not going to replace the ones that have already been posted … just post the new ones here.

BTW: I have now lost about 20 pounds from what you see in the clip from WHSV … too poor to eat too mcuh during the summer!

Now here is part one …

(OK … now we know it wasn’t the final demo … since I have posted an updated version, these links have come down. The question is now … will the new one be the final demo?)

If that has gotten you at least a little bit interested in what I could do for your station, either radio or TV, then you might want to take a look at my resume;

Kirk Clyatt Resume 3 10

Link to a short bio from when I was working in Philadelphia;    WPHL Kirk Clyatt Bio

Above is part two … below is part three …

This is part four …

We’re up to number five …

At last, the final part … part six!

So that is what I have to sell … if you are interested in retaining my services or know of a TV or radio station that might be … I hope to hear from you!

All comments are welcomed and encouraged …  thanks so much for stopping by and watching!

BTW: All of this was edited on my home computer, with a $40 program, I find it just amazing that so much can be done on a cheap computer and yeah it was almost fun … can you imagine what we’ll be able to do 15 years from now?




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