… Back To The 80s!

27 10 2009

Still working on the final touches of my revised demo … I have also been digitizing the hundreds of hours of old analog tape that I have, the VHS tapes I have are NOT being moved again!

Thought I could get by with two 1TB drives … nope had to order a third! Old tapes are rolling almost every waking moment that I am at home …

Came across these two spots from when I was PD of KDON in California. We had some big numbers, while KDON is still #1 in the market, they don’t have the 13.1 ARB share we had in spring ’85.

Here you will see my first ever TV production, it even won a ‘Sam Seagull Award’ from the Monterey Bay Ad Club in ’85. Don’t you love the hair?

I remember when were shooting the spot at the intersection right in front of us … two drivers were watching us and not the road … right in the middle of a take … SMASH! Thankfully I don’t think anyone was hurt.

The second spot was from an agency, I believe from ’84, a good reflection of the times … sorry there is some flutter in the video, but OMG it is almost a quarter of century old!

Hey the way I look at it … it is not how old you are, it is how long you are going to live that counts!




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