On To Parts Three And Four …

23 10 2009

It is just amazing how much TV I have done … I’ve had a hard time pulling out what I hope you’d like to see.

What I am most interested in is getting back to more of a personality focused AM show like you’re seeing here in some of the clips (either radio or TV).

Of course in this economy,  its getting to the point that beggars can’t be too choosy.

I am also looking to go back to reporting … outside of serious crime, I have reported on just about everything else. I pride myself on tying to have at least some background knowledge on just about any topic that I could be assigned.

If you keep watching the next few parts you’ll see there is very little I won’t do … about the only place I draw the line is if its a felony or fatal.

This is part three …

And here is part four …

(Update; I ended up having so many versions of basically the same thing on YouTube … I took most of them down … check above for the completed version!)

Two more parts to go!

The final DVD, about an hour long, might be slightly different, if you’d like a copy or better yet know of any good job leads, remember either radio or TV … let me hear from you at kirk@kirkclyatt.com … all comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Oh I understand that if I mention http://www.blogsurfer.us in a post they will get me more hits … we’ll see

What you see in these two parts is mostly work from Baltimore and Philadelphia … yeah, it was done a couple of years ago, but I trying my best to age gracefully … here is a recent picture of me and Z.

Thanks again for visiting http://www.Clyatt.net … please check back again soon!

BTW: Since it is now drifting down well into the next page, here is a re-post of my resume;

Kirk Clyatt Resume 3 10

Link to a short bio from when I was working in Philadelphia;

WPHL Kirk Clyatt Bio




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