Confederate Monument In Norfolk, VA …

20 10 2009

Over the weekend I had to go to the National Weather Association’s Broadcasters Conference to get enough points to keep my seal that I have now had more than 20 years … OMG, how can it be that long?

This was just about a block from the hotel.

I am a son of the south and would qualify for membership many times over in the Sons of the Confederacy.

Even though I am sure it won’t happen anytime soon … Mississippi voters kept it on their state flag in a referendum several years ago … I wish we would stop having such public displays of the Confederate Battle Flag that you see here on this monument.

It is getting better … I remember as child seeing the flag flying over the statehouse in South Carolina, no more. Until well into the 60s the flag flew under the state flag in Alabama, but the AMERICAN flag did not fly over the capitol in Montgomery.

The battle flag makes me uncomfortable. Proponents of keeping the flag say, “It is heritage not hate.”

If that is the case than this is the flag that should be flown; (Just click the link below)

The Confederate Flag that does … Show Heritage, Not Hate …

That is the flag that shows heritage and marks the sacrifice of the many brave soldiers of the south, without that memory being tinged by hate.

I feel so strongly about this I even have the ‘original’ flag in one of my windows.

I also have the flag of Virginia in another one of my windows as by far it is the state where most of the civil war was fought. My Great-Great-Grandfather was a southern solider killed in battle here in Virginia.

Georgia made the right move after a long struggle and did the right thing and changed their state flag to take the battle flag off. It was put on back in 1956 … mmm interesting timing with the Civil Rights movement.

Maybe we can use our Civil War to help us understand the thinking and conflicts that are going on now in others parts of the world and just how ingrained that hate can be.

Here we are 144 years past Appomattox and for some part of the war still goes on.




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