A Plethora Of New Posts …

15 10 2009

To be honest it wasn’t too bad to be underemployed during the summer, but now I need more work and soon …  if you just took a look at my work from WHSV, you’ll see I was kept quite restrained compared to some of my previous employment.

These posts are to show that I’m much more than just a TV weatherman … at least I hope so.

The top video is some interesting foreshadowing of who was to come into my life, then an interview with James Dobson, plus even some weather from when I filled in on our 6:30pm show.

The bottom is just a small sample … with just the weather forecasts edited out, of the first 45 minutes of our daily three hour show. We had fun and hopefully our viewers did too … plus an interview with Mrs. Brady, Florence Henderson.

BTW: I have no idea what has happened to either Jennifer or Joy … if you do, let me know and say ‘Hi’ to them from me.

Oh I’m also helping a friend in Australia, Mike Ryan, with some VO work … since you’ve stopped by if you’d like you can have a preview and be one of the first to see the show, “Who’s Who Speaks”, just click on the link below;

Click Here For A First Look At “Who’s Who Speaks?”




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