– July 17, 1999 – October 26, 2009

14 10 2009

What was once a pretty impressive tribute to ego will soon be no more.

For reasons that have to do with the domain nameserver … if I’m still to get my e-mail at (which I of course must have to get a new job) I can’t move the server from Yahoo, so if you log on to it takes you to an ad for Yahoo Small Business. Even the little sad GeoCites site that for a while was will come to an end on the 26th when Yahoo closes GeoCities … it is still up until then, you can click on the link below to see it;

Good-Bye – Click Here Until October 26, 2009

For now I have migrated here to WordPress under a number of other domains including;,, (the name of my book I work on in fits and starts) and a couple of others, but it is not quite the same. The day I lost my job in Baltimore, I had about 4,000 hits.

Who knows maybe one day will be reborn again … but for now I’ll be living here in the ‘blogosphere’.




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