… English Dub Of A Japanese Movie?

31 10 2009

It wasn’t quite that bad, BUT while the YouTube videos looked OK … the long WMV file that I created for the DVD dubs of my demo had a few places where somehow my mouth and the and the audio where a frame or two off … sooo I was a bit disturbed this, but I was able to convert to an AVI file and able to transfer to DVD without a problem … it just took way too much time and in reviewing this project of course I came across some areas I just was not happy with,  in one case had only one channel of audio so I had to split it up and re-upload EVERYTHING again …

For some reason now when I dubbed back from AVI to WMV … I got out of sync AGAIN so I tried MPG and while I seemed to be in sync the audio seemed a little muffled, oh well with a $40 program and a home computer there is only so much I can expect … although when it comes to the areas that I can control in life I like to be as much of a perfectionist as can reasonable be expected!

What you see below, in the next post, IS the correct new version … OMG I hope I don’t have to make another demo for very long time, maybe if the Gods bless me this will be the LAST one!

Then somehow in all that I’ve been doing the audio decided not to work in my mass analog to digital conversion project that I have been working on for months … I’m even saving “Little Mermaid” cartoons from when Kylee was about three … how can it be that she is all grown up? (well almost)

I made a big ‘birth box’ for her when she was born with all the events that were happening  that date; kind of like a time capsule, lots of newspapers, magazines and more … to be opened when she turned 21 in 2010 … and at that time to think it seemed sooo far away.

Anyway … after deleting a host of programs that could somehow have conflicting drivers I got the audio to work again, I am home stretch of this project, I can not wait to get it done and never see any more VHS tapes. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to clean the heads playing 20+ year old tapes that are just shedding oxide. Of course I had to do the same thing when I did my major cassette conversion a few years ago. One thing that is amazing is that I have only had a couple of tapes that have spun off their reels or for some other reason I wasn’t able to save … at last I maybe down to less than a hundred to go!

But … this issue also took hours to get resolved.

I remain grateful for my limited employment on Australia radio, www.3aw.com.au, but what I need to get for Christmas is an acceptable full-time position …

If you get a chance let me know what you think of my demo … it is what I have to sell, I hope someone buys it and soon … now I better go out and get something for the tick-or-treaters … Have a Happy Halloween!


It Is Done … The Final Demo?

28 10 2009

What may be my last presentation is at last ready … I still want to call it a ‘tape’, but of course they are not anymore!

I handled mainly studio work at WHSV, so there is not nearly as much new material as I would have liked … every day was pretty much like the next at WHSV, but I have started the demo with a quick weathercast from a cold winter’s morning.

Thankfully I am holding up pretty well, so my look is not that much different than what you see on some of my older work … OK maybe a little older look than when I was on CNN, but you have to go a long way into the tape (ahh it is not a tape) to find that short clip.

As the presentation is just under an hour long, 59 minutes and 3 seconds to be exact … it is so long because there is so much more that I offer than just a weather forecast … it has to be in six parts to be on YouTube … remember if you would like a full DVD just e-mail me for a copy  kirk@kirkclyatt.com.

I’ve reworked many parts of the demo, so I am uploading it all again. I’m not going to replace the ones that have already been posted … just post the new ones here.

BTW: I have now lost about 20 pounds from what you see in the clip from WHSV … too poor to eat too mcuh during the summer!

Now here is part one …

(OK … now we know it wasn’t the final demo … since I have posted an updated version, these links have come down. The question is now … will the new one be the final demo?)

If that has gotten you at least a little bit interested in what I could do for your station, either radio or TV, then you might want to take a look at my resume;

Kirk Clyatt Resume 3 10

Link to a short bio from when I was working in Philadelphia;    WPHL Kirk Clyatt Bio

Above is part two … below is part three …

This is part four …

We’re up to number five …

At last, the final part … part six!

So that is what I have to sell … if you are interested in retaining my services or know of a TV or radio station that might be … I hope to hear from you!

All comments are welcomed and encouraged …  thanks so much for stopping by and watching!

BTW: All of this was edited on my home computer, with a $40 program, I find it just amazing that so much can be done on a cheap computer and yeah it was almost fun … can you imagine what we’ll be able to do 15 years from now?

… Back To The 80s!

27 10 2009

Still working on the final touches of my revised demo … I have also been digitizing the hundreds of hours of old analog tape that I have, the VHS tapes I have are NOT being moved again!

Thought I could get by with two 1TB drives … nope had to order a third! Old tapes are rolling almost every waking moment that I am at home …

Came across these two spots from when I was PD of KDON in California. We had some big numbers, while KDON is still #1 in the market, they don’t have the 13.1 ARB share we had in spring ’85.

Here you will see my first ever TV production, it even won a ‘Sam Seagull Award’ from the Monterey Bay Ad Club in ’85. Don’t you love the hair?

I remember when were shooting the spot at the intersection right in front of us … two drivers were watching us and not the road … right in the middle of a take … SMASH! Thankfully I don’t think anyone was hurt.

The second spot was from an agency, I believe from ’84, a good reflection of the times … sorry there is some flutter in the video, but OMG it is almost a quarter of century old!

Hey the way I look at it … it is not how old you are, it is how long you are going to live that counts!

I Am So Grateful …

27 10 2009

… that Zane can so much enjoy such a low cost toy!

Still revising demo … hope to have part six up in the next day or two!

Up To Part Five ….

24 10 2009

Zane and I have been looking at this production and yeah there are still some points where it needs to be tightened up … and I’m looking for a creative ending. Of course with it being a home production, it is amazing how much non-liner editing you can do with a $40 program. I have to kept it under an hour to fit on a standard DVD.

So I am considering these episodes mainly a draft, but the finished product will be ready next week!

This is draft part five … have a good weekend and be on the lookout for the final segment late Sunday or Monday.

(Update; I ended up having so many versions of basically the same thing on YouTube … I took most of them down … check above for the completed version!)

Would love to hear from you … kirk@KirkClyatt.com

On To Parts Three And Four …

23 10 2009

It is just amazing how much TV I have done … I’ve had a hard time pulling out what I hope you’d like to see.

What I am most interested in is getting back to more of a personality focused AM show like you’re seeing here in some of the clips (either radio or TV).

Of course in this economy,  its getting to the point that beggars can’t be too choosy.

I am also looking to go back to reporting … outside of serious crime, I have reported on just about everything else. I pride myself on tying to have at least some background knowledge on just about any topic that I could be assigned.

If you keep watching the next few parts you’ll see there is very little I won’t do … about the only place I draw the line is if its a felony or fatal.

This is part three …

And here is part four …

(Update; I ended up having so many versions of basically the same thing on YouTube … I took most of them down … check above for the completed version!)

Two more parts to go!

The final DVD, about an hour long, might be slightly different, if you’d like a copy or better yet know of any good job leads, remember either radio or TV … let me hear from you at kirk@kirkclyatt.com … all comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Oh I understand that if I mention http://www.blogsurfer.us in a post they will get me more hits … we’ll see

What you see in these two parts is mostly work from Baltimore and Philadelphia … yeah, it was done a couple of years ago, but I trying my best to age gracefully … here is a recent picture of me and Z.

Thanks again for visiting http://www.Clyatt.net … please check back again soon!

BTW: Since it is now drifting down well into the next page, here is a re-post of my resume;

Kirk Clyatt Resume 3 10

Link to a short bio from when I was working in Philadelphia;

WPHL Kirk Clyatt Bio

Revised Demo October 09 – Part One

22 10 2009

I am reworking my demo, the total product will be about an hour long, but of course You Tube only gives you ten minutes at a time, so it will have to be in a number of parts.

Here are parts one and two … look for the other parts to be on-line ASAP …

If you’d like a presentation DVD just e-mail me – or – better yet if you know of any good job prospects let me know;  kirk@KirkClyatt.com

Here is part two …

(Update; I ended up having so many versions of basically the same thing on YouTube … I took most of them down … check above for the completed version!)

Thanks for reading and watching … I hope to hear from you!