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15 04 2005

Another week gone and there is still too much to do on my to do list, but the good side is I am almost never board … sometimes stressed, overworked and tired, but almost never board … I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead … until then full speed ahead …

Hopefully soon the story of the ‘Ace of Diamonds’ … another great example of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ … OK its 10pm … have got to make some more TV.

It’ll be another nice weekend in Philly … two in a row! Yeah!

Check back soon!


The Same Story …

6 04 2005

Let’s see if I figured out how to add pictures to this site;

Ahhh … the answer is no, but I’ll try to add some to my personal web site and then may be able to link them here … Maybe? Stay tuned …

I was reading a story last week about a new book “Doing the Right Thing: Taking Care of Your Elderly Parents Even if They Didn’t Take Care of You”

Interesting after getting back in touch with my sister Alison … she has been through some major life experiences of her own.

Even though our journey has been different, we share many common experiences, we have the same father, but different mothers … neither one of us has any real contact with either of our parents for an extended period of time.

What were we born from reptiles that just abandon their young?

My children are not be with me as much as I would like, but my daughter knows as long as I still have a credit card she can just call me and I will have a ticket for her waiting for the next flight, plus I continue to fight for equal access to be with son … so far in our 22nd month of litigation … his mother when considering her other children is now in her 9th straight year of custody litigation … there were many ‘red flags’ with her … but at the time I just didn’t see them.

I am blessed with two beautiful children and I can’t imagine, no matter how old they are or what they did or where they are that I would not be in touch with them and see them.

Considering what my sister and I have been through, I told her I think we both need to congratulate ourselves for being as complete people as we are … I am so happy that through our struggles that we have again found each other.

While there is a hole in our lives, because of our parents, childhood and youth, I don’t think it is a one that our kids will ever have to face (at least not as intensely) as we have learned much from the pain of neglect.

I have already on several occasions apologized, said I’m sorry, to my daughter for not being everything I should have been in the past as a father to her … I hope she has forgiven me … the hard lessons I’ve learned with her, I take into my custody struggle for my son … I will never walk away from either of my children.

“I’m sorry” … only two words, but words I have never heard from either one of my parents.

My father needs to go the ‘Atonement Tour’ and visit his children, it would do much for and me and his other children, but more for him. There is much he is missing out on … he has never even seen the special little boy that is his grandson and I wonder if he ever will?

My next post will be the about the ‘Ace of Diamonds’ … I hope to have it up soon.

Thanks for your time …

Baseball …

5 04 2005

As a kid baseball saved me … without it I don’t know if I could have made it as child, much of my childhood was a journey through hell … more on some of that story to come … someday, maybe.

What about ‘The Nationals’?

Different league, but the same result as my beloved Senators … a loss … you know I still have a few ticket stubs from the ’71 Senators … Box Seats were $4.50, now $40!

In 1974, many were so sure that the San Diego Padres would move to DC that baseball cards were even printed listing “Washington National League’.

As a young teen, all I wanted to do was to be part of baseball … I sent a long letter to the Padres explaining why I should be given a chance to be the teams ‘bat boy’.

They were even kind enough to send back a letter saying that in no way the move was assured, but I would be considered should the team move east … of course the move never happened.

At that age I was even more tenacious than I am now and I wanted that job … what would have happen then?

As a teenager, I had so much trouble dealing with other kids, school and almost no support at home, I had to get a job to have some degree of self respect, so at 16 I started working full time as I have ever since, last month marked my 30th year in broadcasting … by the summer, when I was 16, I was working 70 hours a week … that fall weekends I would work from 10pm Friday straight through to 3pm Saturday afternoon and then drive home 40 miles from Baltimore, this after trying to go school on Friday … what kind of parent lets their 16 year old do this?

Twice I fell asleep while driving home, nothing give you quite the shot of adrenalin like waking up and realizing that you are driving a car, just hit a a guard rail and have bounced off it across two lanes of traffic … yet I did it week after week. (amazingly only a small dent, from bouncing off the guard rail, to the car)

One of my biggest regrets in life, of which there are many … who are these people that go through life and say they wouldn’t change a thing? I would change a lot … is that I did not pursue baseball, maybe I wouldn’t have even made an ‘A’ team, but who knows?

The saddest phrase I know is, ‘what might have been’?

My daughter says I spend too much time looking at the past, those who don’t study history are condemned to repeat it, but she is right the only way we can go is forward.

The laws of physics allow to go ahead in time, (relatively … if you could somehow travel at close to the speed of light) but we can never go back except in our minds.

I’m doing the best I can to learn from my many, many mistakes and move forward … there is no other way to go.

BTW: Del Unser threw out the first pitch in today’s game … I remember him with Senators when I was a young boy … that was 34 years ago. It makes me realize that chances are I am in the second half of my life, I feel like I’m down by a couple of touchdowns to use another sports metaphor, but hopefully there still is a lot of time left on the clock.

More tomorrow … hopefully.

265 days until Christmas.

The Nationals …

4 04 2005

Wow another busy weekend … it always is when Zane is with me. I am so blessed to have him!(dealing with his mother is the never ending ordeal) On Saturday my long time friend (21 years now) Mike from Australia came to spend the day with us … in spite of 3″ of rain it was great to see him and Zane really enjoyed meeting “Mr. Mike”.

Kylee’s team finished second in a soccer tournament this weekend in New Orleans … not bad since the team that beat them was a U-18 team and Kylee’s team is U-16.

So why is this post called the Nationals?

I’m too tired tonight to tell the tale … hopefully tomorrow.

Oh just so you know a little more about the way I think here are two of my favorite quotes;

When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. And that’s my religion. – Abraham Lincoln, 1860

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

I especially though the Lincoln quote was appropriate with all off the coverage of the Pope’s death … is the coverage really excessive? Or is it just me?

266 days until Christmas.

No Time … Not Enough Energy …

1 04 2005

Waaay too busy, a lot going on, but no time to tell …

Off to get Zane in the AM in Maryland …

Then oh-no rain for Saturday … that’s the day my friend Mike from Australia should be here …

Look for another post late on Sunday … I doubt anybody is reading this … yet, but if you did happen to stumble across this blog … thanks for reading and have a good weekend!