Box Jellyfish …

30 03 2005

Shooting promos today in the studio with the new co-anchor … I’ve lost track of how many I’ve anchored with over the years, I’m sure its been hundreds … I wish I had keep a list … since I used to work such ‘glamorous’ shows as 6am on Sunday mornings when I was at CNN … and there were so many different anchors I used to go so far as to put a piece of paper with the anchors name on the bottom of the camera so I wouldn’t forget who I was talking to.

The highlight of the day was another Weather In The Classroom, sometimes I just go though the motions, but today I had a good time and the kids did too.

I’ve done hundreds of these presentations over the years, 31 so far just this school year … I wonder how many thousands of kids I’ve talked to over the years? So many that every once in while an adult will come up to me and say hey I remember you came to my class when I was in 4th grade … God does that make me feel old.

A universal is that so many of the kids I speak to are beautiful young people full of energy and excitement for the future … however that is where things start to change.

Today’s school was one of the most upscale public schools I’ve ever been in … even if I hit powerball I don’t know if I could afford to live in that neighborhood.

The kids were very impressive … not only smart, but with lots of energy, as Garrison Keillor would say about the kids from Lake Wobegon, “all above average”.

As the crow flies it was maybe about 5 miles from some of the poorest schools in the area.

Today one beautiful young girl with braided hair told me about her babysitter being in the December tsunami …

Often I will be just five miles away in inner city schools where by the afternoon some kids are so tired that they fall asleep during my presentation … and no it is not because the show is so dull.

What a difference five miles can make … what a difference in lives, opportunities and futures.

What can be done? A simple question with hard answers …

Of course life is not fair … I have learned much about that dealing with my custody case, but something needs to done to help balance the scales for our younger citizens.

In my job I get to see the tremendous contrast … it may only be five miles, but it may as well be two different counties.

Why Box Jellyfish for today’s title?

One of the young second graders today was telling me that they are one of the reasons you may not want to be in Australia for their summer which of course is our winter.

What he said was right about the toxicity level and just how dangerous they are … very impressive for a young man of seven. It showed his education didn’t begin to end when the school day did.

I asked where would you go if you wanted summer weather in the winter and one kid answered ‘Nevis’ … here again he was right.

I wonder if any of the kids in North Philly know anything about Box Jellyfish or Nevis?




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