Good-Bye Maryland Plates …

29 03 2005

Very busy today, among other things forced my self to buy some new underwear (3 pair for $4 in CC, so much more fun than the malls) … how is that men who find myself in my position, aka: single, wait until there are only molecules of underware fiber left before getting something new?

Big event that happened today was saying good-bye after 7 years and 6 days to my Maryland license plates.

To think I was only going to have the Honda Civic for a couple of years, I almost bought a Volvo C-70 convertible, but thought I’d keep the money in market instead … ha, ha.

I thought oh, I live the city, Baltimore at the time, and I would hate for such a nice car to get banged up … so I bought the Civic and thanks to the crash of 2000 and my insistence that no it just can’t get worse, but it did … 116,000 miles later it is still on the road.

I ended with the Civic because my daughter’s mother, if you’ve seen my web site you know that in addition to Zane I have a beautiful 15 year old daughter Kylee … who has lived much of her life with her mother in the Florida Panhandle … while my daughter has done very, very well, it is not the way I hoped it would work out for me and my elder child … hence a hard lesson learned, one of the key reasons I am fighting so hard to have reasonable access to my son Zane.

Unlike Zane’s mother, I don’t want to ‘steal’ my son from his mother, I am just looking for fairness and parity … so far it has been a fight that keeps pushing me closer and closer to bankruptcy, but I digress …

Kylee’s Mom decided that she wanted the ’96 Explorer that I had at the time and in my quest to keep everybody happy I gave her the Explorer, just as I had done with ’93 Chevy C1500 Pick-Up and the ’82 Camaro … why someone needed so many cars in beyond me, but with my daughter’s Mom she is always looking to fill a void in her life that I certainly never could so for her too much is never quite enough …

So I needed a new car …

So much has changed since then, now I can see during the past 7 seven years I had some of the best times of my life, and some of the worst … I can look back on February of 2000 as the best time in my life … what is so sad, as just when you don’t know when, if, you’ve reached bottom, you don’t know when you’re on top.

Both on top and on the bottom, those are the times it would be so nice in life if you knew it … it sure would make life a lot easier.

I spite of all I deal with, much a mess I made for myself … I still feel I am richly blessed … well most of the time.

OK I’ve got to go post tonight’s weather shot … hey tomorrow at last a sunny day in the 60s … maybe life is getting better … maybe.




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