The First Post …

28 03 2005

Where will ‘it’ go from here?

Since this is coming to you from Philadelphia, I picked a ‘colonial’ look for this blog.

(What kind of word is ‘blog’ anyway? Couldn’t we come up with something a little more pleasing to the ear?)

‘It’ … what kind of a word is ‘it’?

Well that is what this will be about … It … whatever it is.

My life is very interesting, much of it I wish was happening to someone else, but none the less all very interesting.

In many ways I am richly blessed, but I am also forced to deal with intense custody litigation over what is best for my 32 month old son Zane.

It is like living a nightmare … how could a women who wanted to be with me so much that she created a child with me now think of me as so ‘evil’ … if anything I am a better man than I was in ’01, but she certainly doesn’t see it that way.

Never in my life have I gone so from one total extreme to the other as has mother of my child … it hard for me to understand how anyone can do it. Many times I have held out the ‘olive branch’ to her only to have it slapped away.

The story of how I ever got involved in such a struggle is in of itself a tragedy, but Zane is a great boy, I love him very much and we have some great times together … look for pictures on the way.

His mother is trying to portray me as someone who is ‘mentally ill’ … mmm what is that is said about people who live in glass house and throwing stones?

This on-line version of my life may have to be somewhat reserved … you’ll have to read the book for the unabridged version, (I’m hoping it’ll be out in ’08 … who knows?) I think you might find it interesting and in some ways relate to it?

Always happy to hear from you …

Well that is a start … got to be back to forecast, its a rainy, cold night in Philadelphia.




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